Save Our Seven Lakes

We are empowering San Pabloeno community to be updated and participate in our quest to help Laguna lakes back to its prime again.

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Champions for the Environment

We are composed of volunteers from all walks of life who are passionate to make a difference to our environment and to our beloved San Pablo City.

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About Us

San Pablo City is a chartered city in the province of Laguna, only 70 kilometers from Metro Manila. It is most famous for its seven lakes – Sampaloc Lake, Bunot Lake, Mojicap Lake, Pandin Lake …

Mission & Vision

FSLF, Inc. envisions a healthy and beneficial seven lakes of San Pablo City where empowered communities enjoy the fruits of sustainable management of the natural lake environment and where social justice prevails.

About the Seven Lakes

The seven freshwater lakes of San Pablo City were formed by a unique process called phreatic eruption where shallow lava from Mt. San Cristobal…


Our Members

We are composed of young and old individuals from all walks of life who has passion and care for the environment.

Our Humble Beginning

Since 2000, FSLF has been active in socio-environmental activities and has been on the fore front for community change. We are so thankful to our volunteers, private individuals, institutions and NGOs who supported all the way for making this endeavor becomes a catalyst for change.

  • Our Members 60%
  • Project 80%
  • Accomplishments 90%

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