FSLF Joins the 2013 Seven Lakes Tourism Master Plan Consultation Workshop

FSLF Joins the 2013 Seven Lakes Tourism Master Plan Consultation Workshop

The Laguna Lake Development Authority in partnership with the Local Government of the City of San Pablo conducts a Stakeholders Consultation Workshop on December 5 and 6, relative to the formulation of Seven Crater Lakes Tourism Master Development Plan and Framework for the Formulation of Development and Management Plan for the Seven Crater Lakes at Dagatan Boulevard, San Pablo City.

The said event recognizes the importance of lakes in human development and preservation of sound ecosystems and biodiversity. These are critical elements of the water cycle for sustaining aquatic biodiversity and provide livelihood, social, economic, and aesthetic benefits that are essential for a better quality of life. It aims to reach a mutually acceptable agreement on common and complementary management actions among partner organizations and the rest of major stakeholders.

Presidential Adviser for Environmental Protection and LLDA General Manager, Sec. Neric Acosta delivered an inspirational message and presented a short lecture on Sustainable Development. “Ecosystem is the basis of economic activities; hence, it must be properly managed for long-term sustainability,” Acosta said. Sec. Neric also said “The parameters of tourism are: A-E-S, as I call it. That is: Aesthetics, which is the beauty of the place with environmental management consideration; Ecology, which is economically driven; and Sustainability, the social value of the place, among others.”

Hon. Loreto S. Amante, Mayor of San Pablo City who was also present at the event acknowledged the strong support of various government agencies specifically, LLDA, in pursuing the goal of a sustainable tourism development plan anchoring on the preservation and protection of the Seven Crater Lakes.

A presentation on the Eco Tourism Plan for Lake Pandin was given by Ms. Leonor Poserio, OIC-Project Development and Monitoring Evaluation Division (PDMED) of LLDA. While several proposals on Zoning and Development Plan (ZODEP) were provided by Mr. Vic Anyayahan from FARMC, Mr. Ramon De Roma from LGU San Pablo, and Mr. Bobby Azeres from 7 Crater Lakes Watershed Management Council.

LLDA’s management of the Seven Crater Lakes in San Pablo City came into effect in 1983 by virtue of Executive 927. The Seven Lakes are 1) Sampalok 2) Mohicap 3) Palakpakin 4) Calibato 5) Pandin 6) Yambo and 7) Bunot.

Activities on the second day of the Consultation include a discussion on the mission, vision, and goal setting, a workshop focusing on the tourism aspect of development for Seven Crater Lakes, and a lecture on Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) by Dr. Lope A. Calanog, Master Tourism Plan, Team Leader Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau.

Special guests were LLDA officials headed by Hon. Sec. Nereus O. Acosta, Jr., concurrent GM of LLDA and Mrs. Leonor Poserio, OIC, PDMED-LLDA.  The consultation participants included stakeholders including, LGU representatives headed by Mayor Amben Amante, FARMC, Seven Crater Lakes and Watershed Management Council, religious, socio-civic organizations and academe.  The group discussed proposed ZOMAPs and laid out the groundwork for the development of the Tourism Master Plan.  This was submitted to LLDA for final approval and implementation. In photo are Donnalyn Eseo (Tourism Coordinator), Lerma Prudente (SPCWD), Sec. Nereus Acosta, Jr. (LLDA), Boots Alcantara (Casa San Pablo), Dr. Lope Calanog (Ecosystems Research and Devt Bureau) and Bobby Azores (FSLF/SCLWMC).

(Original article from http://www.llda.gov.ph/)

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