Mission & Vision



FSLF, Inc. envisions a healthy and beneficial seven lakes of San Pablo City where empowered communities enjoy the fruits of sustainable management of the natural lake environment and where social justice prevails.


FSLF, Inc. is an environmentalist advocacy group that promotes conservation, protection and rehabilitation of the seven lakes of San Pablo City; coordinates and supports initiatives for the sustainable management of the seven lakes; and educates communities around the lakes on ecologically sustainable practices.


  1. Establish Resource Center Development-Scientific Research and Documentation;
  2. Build Environmental Network of adults, youth and kids;
  3. Strengthen Information/Education Campaigns;
  4. Empower Kids and Youth towards Environmental Stewardship;
  5. Build Consensus and Policy Advocacy;
  6. Participate in public-private partnerships;
  7. Collaborate with environmental public servants, academe and civil society groups
  8. Promote Eco-tourism

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