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FSLF Joins the 2013 Seven Lakes Tourism Master Plan Consultation Workshop

The Laguna Lake Development Authority in partnership with the Local Government of the City of San Pablo conducts a Stakeholders Consultation Workshop on December 5 and 6, relative to the formulation of Seven Crater Lakes Tourism Master Development Plan and Framework for the Formulation of Development and Management Plan for the Seven Crater Lakes at […]

Site Development Along Sampaloc Lake

Through the request of Board Members Karen Agapay, Rey Paras and Kathleen Yambot and approval of Governor Teresita Lazaro, a rehabilitation project along the shoreline of Sampaloc Lake has been started with funding from the Provincial Government.  Rip-rapping along the lakeshore in an area of about 50 meters  below Efarca Village has been started in […]


An LLDA Executive Forum was held with representatives from LLDA, FARMC, City officials and other stakeholders. Main issues discussed were: 1) Fishcage belting – The model with half the lake to be used for a fishing village (where the fishcages up to the allowable 10% of the total surface area)and the other half for recreational […]

Msgr. Jerry Bitoon Visits FSLF 2008

Msgr. Jerry Bitoon visited with FSLF members and guests on August 12, 2008, The gathering was held at KKAN, Farmers Building, San Pablo City. Msgr. Jerry updated the group on Project 747, initiated by Lingap sa Pitong Lawa, which aims to raise P7million pesos for community development projects of the seven lakes and the city. […]

World Water Day 2008

San Pablo City, March 27, 2008 – The FSLF welcomed Chairman Ramon Alikpala and members of the Philippine Water Partnerships organizations to San Pablo City on March 27, 2008. The group spent the day in San Pablo City to learn about the seven lakes and the watershed as their way of celebrating World Water Day. […]

Yakap sa Lawa

February 29, 2000 – The Friends of the Seven Lakes Foundation held a mammoth rally on February 29, 2000 called ?Yakap sa Lawa?.  This is a symbolic embrace in love and protection of ?Inang Kalikasan? (Mother Nature) wherein eight thousand individuals helf hands in prayer around Sampaloc Lake, the largest of the seven lakes in the city […]

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