Balik Tanaw at Pagpapasya sa Kinabukasan ng Sampaloc Lake

Balik Tanaw at Pagpapasya sa Kinabukasan ng Sampaloc Lake

An informal meeting was held on September 1, 2013 from 4:00-7:00 pm at Cafe Lago. Present were: Msgr. Jerry Bitoon, Judge Bien Reyes, Ike & Lerma Prudente, Emma Marino, Mar Torrizo, Bobby & Cari Azores, Arvin Carandang, Fernando Fabros, Lily Brul, Christopher Rojas, Dr. Elvie Galicia, Claudine Villanueva, Ricky Tan, Ompong & Glecy Rivera, Dave Ramos, Patis Tesoro, Tony Marino and Sanny Leviste.

Updates were presented by the following: Bobby Azores on FSLF, Mar Torrizo on the Seven Crater Lakes & Watershed Management Council and Ricky Tan (GK) and Ompong Rivera (GK) on the GK housing and violations that allowed the construction of houses even if the homeowner is not a lakedweller. It was decided that the group would request for a meeting with Mayor Amben Amante to discuss lake and housing issues.

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