Meeting with Mayor, Loreto “Amben” Amante on Lake Issues

Meeting with Mayor, Loreto “Amben” Amante on Lake Issues

September 16, 2013 was an important day for the San Pablenos as Mayor Amben Amante welcomed a group of concerned citizens to discuss the issues of the seven lakes and other related matters. Also at the meeting with the Mayor were LGU representatives including City Councilors Totoy See and Karla Adajar. At the meeting it was decided that the Mayor would convene a Consultation Meeting that would present the proposed ZOMAPS and bring together the different stakeholders in an open discussion.

In photo, LR: Arvin Carandang, Susie Azores, Cari Azores, Kim DyNing, Fernando Fabros, Lerma Prudente, Bobby Azores, Msgr. Jerry Bitoon, Mayor Amben Amante, Councilor Karla Adajar, Emilio Tirones, Donnalyn Eseo, Mar Torrizo, Councilor Totoy See, Mandy Marino and Tony Marino.

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