Report: FSLF Year-End Report 2007

Report: FSLF Year-End Report 2007

1. We had several meetings with LLDA through 2006-2007, two of which were attended by LLDA GM Ynares – one at his Pasig office and the other here in San Pablo.

Discussed were:

  • Orders for the demolition of illegal structures and reduction of fishcages; The demolition was carried earlier this year.
  • Inclusion of FSLF as a member of the River Council; This remains unresolved.
  • Associate membership to the Living Lakes Association; Still waiting on the CLEAR tripartite to endorse it to the Association. LLDA says there is no objection from any of the tripartite members.
  • Presence of LLDA representatives in San Pablo City at least twice a week; They said they would do this, but at the last meeting they said they do not have enough personnel.
  • Deputization of FSLF to monitor and report illegal activities; No action on this.
  • Reevaluation of the Zonal Development Masterplan for Sampaloc Lake. Guidelines for the mini parks were for approval by LGU (engineering) with final approval by LLDA. Arrangement of floating fishcages are still under evaluation. We suggested that they be numbered for monitoring and control. Proposal was taken but not action yet.

2. We were also invited to join an LLDA meeting in Tagaytay at which various issues pertaining to the lakes were discussed.  At the same meeting we applied to become a member of the River Councils, but this remains unresolved (Aug 2006)

3. Also joined the Laguna de Bay Environmental Action Planning (LEAP) for the 7 lakes and watershed in Calauan, Laguna (Aug 2007)

3. Participated in Tanggol Kalikasan workshop on consensus building. (Nov 2007)

4. Met with LGU and concerned citizens (May 2007) on proliferation of algal bloom aggravated by high levels of coliform and e-coli.  It died a natural death when the unpleasant smell diminished.

5. Gawad Kalinga Unityville:

  • FSLF Facilitated $500 donation from St Charles Borromeo Parish in Arlington, Virginia. (Feb 2007)
  • Donated P1000 for the daycare fieldtrip transportation (Nov 2007)
  • Preparing 10 Christmas baskets for ten families who recently moved to the GK relocation site after the demolition. (Dec 2007)

6. Co-wrote with LLDA the Action Report on the Seven Crater Lakes, which was published by the International Lake Environment Committee (ILEC) (Aug 2006)

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