FSLF join the SELFIEs for #NOWPH Social Mobilization Project

FSLF join the SELFIEs for #NOWPH Social Mobilization Project

In response to the national concern and government implementing policies and programs for Climate Change, Friends of Seven Lakes Foundation (FSLF) join the social mobilization campaign #NOWPH: One Million Filipino Youth Voices initiated by Greeneration Philippines.

The campaign aims to unite the Filipino Youth for the 2015 Paris Climate Conference in the call to prevent global warming from reaching two degrees Celsius. It also seeks to raise public consciousness on the science of climate change and on ways to lead a climate-resilient and climate-smart lifestyle.

“We are encouraging every Filipino to take part of this action for Climate Change awareness and with our simple ways, we can show  that Philippines has its voice to share to the world.” said Bobby Azores, Chairman of FSLF. All we have to do is log-on to www.nowph.org, fill up the form, use our code “0033” and add your selfie to pledge your support to this campaign. he added.

Republic Act No. 9729 or the Climate Change Act of 2009, mandated the mainstreaming of climate change in synergy with disaster risk reduction into national, local, and sectoral policies and processes, and creation of the Climate Change Commission (CCC), the government’s lead policy-making body on climate change. The Law was then amended in 2012 by Republic Act No. 10174 creating the People’s Survival Fund. Further, the President, also the Chairperson of CCC, approved theNational Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP) that outlines the country’s adaptation and mitigation agenda from 2011 to 2028.

In order to increase the level of understanding on climate change and the government’s initiatives, CCC has also embarked on utilizing various information, education and  communication strategies including the Greeneration Philippines Campaign that seeks to unify and empower Filipino youth towards climate resiliency.

Here’s a video from the Climate Change Commission’s Secretary Mary Ann Lucille Sering, National Youth Commision Commissioner Jose Sixto “Dingdong” Dantes III, and Greeneration Ambassador Bianca Gonzalez featuring the TOP 15 WAYS TO LOW EMISSION DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES (LEDS).

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